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Dante Monteverde 1944 - 20??

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The true meaning of a successful life

  A life where you never let fear pass you by, it is always accepted, confronted and felt as it painfully propagates through your body. Peace and harmony are your wish. Your past is of no importance and you only get involved with the future after it becomes part of the moment you are in.

Success is an ability to appreciate as beauty everything that confronts you, the fortitude to forgive yourself, others an even everything that happens around you for simply being the way it is, good or bad! This understanding is the realization that no person or circumstance can ever affect you, only you are the master of all your feelings.

While not your desire others will want what you have, when this happens, you know, that triumph is to have an insight that success and happiness are by their very nature utopia, that the moment wishes come true, new wishes become necessary in a never ending race to happiness. Donít, ever wish! Just take everything that is put in front of you, accepting all that comes to you is the true road to a very peaceful life.

I understand the above to be factual, and dare to accomplish it!



About a Life Time web page


What it is

I like to think of this website as both my public diary and my epitaph, in fact, I like to propose that everybody should have a similar page that should be maintained long before you are dead.   I was motivated to do this when I visited the grave of one of the most influential persons in my life, he die when I was 17, when we got to the cemetery with my mother and my wife  we could not even remember the date of his dead, and important factor to find someone buried for close to 40 years, when we finally found the gravesite there was so little left, from a wonderful life of an individual that had so much to give to the rest of us.  It is in his memory I wish to put forward this concept of a Life Time web page.  

A page like this is not static, is not done at the end of your life, it is constantly updated and revised and should have a redeeming value for those that read it before and after we are gone. 

The principal content is:

  • Those that touched me All the significant people that influence your life in some significant way.
  • All the main events that affected me.
  • Those I influenced.  Allow others, family, friends, associates or anyone you touched to enter a few lines if they wish to publish in which way you affected them.
  • The most significant lessons that you have received in your lifetime to help you be a better person.
  •  The most important obstacles that you would recommend others to  avoid at all cost.
  • The most significant human interaction advancement that I have witnessed so far.
  • My sweet and tears The things that took a lot from me to accomplish them.  What I see as my work related accomplishments.

My work accomplishments


Alarmtronics my first company in the US started in 1967 providing burglar and fire alarm systems in the Chicago land the company grew into a wholesale distributor of alarm components to others in the industry.

EMERgency 24





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 Dante Monteverde 1944 - 20??

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