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Dante Monteverde 1944 - 20??
Those that touched me

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My Friends 



Andres Delmastro Naso.

 My oldest friend at the time of his death.  We met when I was around eleven years old,  we maintained our friendship until his end.  Andres always pointed out the importance of how  the simple parts of life can give you a lot of joy.  While he try hard to convince about taking up fishing I decided to grow trees.  As part of Andres effort in a fishing trip while driving during the night  through  the wilderness of Chile while him and my brother were sleeping I decided to stop the car and stretch my legs,  it was right before the sunrise behind  the mountain silhouette, I could feel a soft breeze on my face as I stretch my tired body  it was them that  I noticed the golden gate that lead into the most peaceful place on earth, the one place with the most comfortable hammock on earth where I usually let my imagination take me whenever I need to totally relax.  I owe this opportunity to my lifetime friend.

Robert Prewitt

Gunther Buhler


My family

Alicia Lopez

Alicia, my other half, my rock of Gibraltar, without her nothing else seems possible.  If I am addressing someone that never met her it is awkward to describe all her virtues and end up saying that she is my wife, it all sounds so incredible but to those of us that are lucky enough to run in her path we now that she is a very extraordinary human being.  Without a doubt the hardest working person that I ever met in my life. (period)  She doesn't know the meaning of the word "rest".  The most patient person you will ever know, she definitely won a gold medal here,  I am frankly a very difficult person to leave with.  She has an immune system that should be study by scientist, she was never sick for one day since the day I meet her  including common colds and influenza, etc. and never missed a day of work this record was only recently broke after 30 years.  She is ran several marathons and today she can out run me even though I have also ran a couple of 26 milers.  

Marcos Urzua

Marcos Urzua Ojeda.  My uncle Marcos was really my godfather and not a blood relative but clearly one of the most influential persons in my life.  While our encounter was relatively brief as compare to many others in my life it happen as I was growing up.  He was all I wanted to become, a very successful, adventurous individual, he owned all the gold mineral rights of one of the largest rapids in Chile, the Bio Bio river, today world famous for white water rafting.  A gun carrying landlord employing hundreds of individuals near Indian reservations where the closest doctor was 2 hours away using his Willis Jeep, his wife Toya acted as the town doctor having to bring to this world all the children in those parts some of which while not allowed to enter in the rooms I had occasions were I could  easily hear the crying of the entire episode .  He owned the only house with electricity in those parts, once in a while every 10 days or so an adventurous  automobile  would travel through and would automatically stop on this beautiful house that look more like a hotel, my uncle would welcome the opportunity to host people to stay overnight  for evenings of eloquent conversations over dinner.  As you can tell all the elements to captivate a young mind like mine.
He was the first adult that so my potential and talked to me as person.  He was the one that  taught me how to drive at a very early age this came in very handy when on an overnight fishing trip he almost bleed to death and I had to do the steering until we could find a driver to take him to a hospital, what a tremendous feeling of importance when you are only a 10 year old.  We would always listen to the news and other programs on the short wave radio until midnight

Words of wisdom


Dale Carnegie, How to make friends and influence people.  As a Dale Carnegie graduate his lessons have been invaluable to me.  Before I became accounted with his teachings I simply didn't know how to deal with people.  I actually believed that to convince people about my point of view I needed to win the arguments.  Since I was particularly good at arguing with people Dale Carnegie's teachings have been very important in my success in life.

Miguel Ruiz.  "The four agreements" author  perhaps with a very simplistic description of what it takes to be happy in this life.








 Dante Monteverde 1944 - 20??



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